Fact Sheet

Name: Augustus Minerals Limited    
Business Description: Multi-mineral exploration    
Capital Structure: Current shares on issue   86.1m
  IPO Price   $0.20
  IPO Proceeds   $10m
  IPO Shares   50m
  Total Shares on issue (post IPO)   136.1m
  Post raise Market Cap (at issue price)   $27.3m
  Post raise EV   $17.3m
  Options (exercise price 30c & 40c)   16.77m
Proposed Used of Funds   Total %
  Copper Ridge/Minnie Springs [Cu-Au] drilling $3.15m 31.5%
  Crawford Bore [Lithium/REE] drilling $2.45m 24.5%
  Lyons Central [REE] drilling $0.38m 3.8%
  Mount Phillips [Lithium] drilling $0.23m 2.3%
  Sampling - Geophysical/Gravity Survey/Soil $1.00m 10.0%
  Working capital & expense of the Offer $2.79m 27.9%
  Total $10.0m 100%
  Board & Management 55.7m 41%
  Other shareholders 30.4m 22%
  IPO shareholders 50m 37%
  Total 136.1m  
  Escrowed Shares -43%  
Listing Augustus Minerals is targeting an ASX listing in May 2023
Leadership Team Mr Brian Rodan - Executive Chairman
  Dr Darren Holden - Non Executive Director
  Mr Graeme Smith - Non Executive Director
Company Secretary: Mr Sebastian Andre
Registered Office: Level 2, 41-43 Ord Street
  West Perth WA, 6005
Phone: +61 8 6458 4200
Fax:  +61 8 6458 4299
Corporate Advisory: Morgans Financial Limited