Rare Earths

Rare Earths

  • 27 Targets have been identified with chemistry and/or Th radiometric anomalies
  • 65km of target length (high Th > ironstone target)

Peak Bore Soil Target

  • Large 6km x .5km newly discovered anomaly
  • Large amount of Rare Earths in soils (La & Ce)
  • Nearby Mallet Well Thorium anomalies yet to be sampled
  • Never before drilled ground

Seventeen Mile and North Snowy REE

  • High Th dyke anomalies
  • Durlacher Supersuite host

Additional REE Targets

  • High Thorium anomalies as part of High Heat Producing Granites
  • Rock chups up to 1500ppm Ce+La off the main anomalies
  • Planned to be systematically sampled
  • Proximal to Minnie Springs Cu-Au target areas